ETL Listed: ETL Listed for use over 450°F, 600°F and 700°F cooking surface temperatures, which provides flexibility in designing kitchen ventilation systems. 

Features & Benefits

The ND-2 Series is a Type I, Wall Canopy Hood for use over 450°F, 600°F and 700°F cooking surface temperatures. The aerodynamic design includes a mechanical baffle and performance enhancing lip for exceptional capture and containment.

  • Exhaust Flow Rates: Superior exhaust flow rates. A 4′ Hood can operate at 150 CFM/ft or 600 total CFM. Available in single or back-to-back configurations.
  • Capture and Containment: Insulated, double-wall rigid front has aerodynamic design that reduces radiant heat into kitchen, prevents condensation and provides exceptional capture and containment of cooking vapors.
  • Construction: Polished stainless steel on the interior and exterior of the front enhance aesthetics. Fully welded and polished front corners.

Self Cleaning Technology

Solid Fuel Cooking Appliance in your line up?

Looking for optimal Fire Protection in you hood system serving a Solid Fuel (Wood Burning) Cooking Appliance?

We have a solution for you to reduce the kerasote build up in the hood and duct.

Note: Kerasote build up can increase the chance of a fire spreading into your building. 


SCT = Self Cleaning Technology,

CORE = Fire protection integrated into the self cleaning technology,


This optional accessory system can be added into our Hood Model ZVS-ND: