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Based in Columbus, Ohio, ZVS, provides complete turnkey, customized solutions for commercial kitchen ventilation systems in restaurants, hospitals, and institutional cafeterias, reaching the national marketplace through Paradigm, a unique network of foodservice agencies. ZVS began in 2015 and is a subsidiary of Zink Corporation, a 45 year old company from Columbus, Ohio with 8 offices across the midwest. Zink Foodservice, the original rep group, began as a family-owned rep business in 1976, marketing and selling commercial foodservice equipment, and over the years expanded to to Zink Corporation, which includes equipment, smallwares, tabletop, furniture, distribution, service and ventilation. ZVS was then set up as a standalone subsidiary, dedicated to designing, engineering, and installing ventilation solutions.

What started in the Midwest, has now expanded to North America. ZVS is licensed to design and engineer systems that meet building codes in 49 states and markets its customized solutions through Paradigm, a national organization of 200+ foodservice representatives. Paradigm, of which Zink Corporation is a founding member, maintains 18 offices and 28 culinary centers throughout North America.

What differentiates ZVS from other companies which may stock and sell hoods, or fans, or various ventilation system components, is the combination of ZVS’s design, engineering, and sales teams which bring together a unique level of knowledge that allows them to provide comprehensive customized solutions for commercial kitchens.

About Zink Corporation

Zink Corporation is an employee-owned company headquartered in Columbus, OH with offices throughout Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, Kentucky and Western Pennsylvania. Zink companies include Zink Foodservice, Zink Hospitality, Z-Ventilation Solutions, AIM National, Wenger Temperature Control, and ZCS Distribution. Zink provides comprehensive sales, marketing, distribution, ventilation, service, and installation for premier manufacturers, dealers and operators in the hospitality and foodservice industry. For additional information, visit www.zinkcorp.com


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