ZA-S Hood

ZA-S Hood with:

  • Exhaust duct collar
  • 3-inch air spacer
  • Manual balancing damper
  • 3/8-inch fire protection flue collar
  • Z-Tech hub junction box (12 x 12 x 6 inches)
  • Temperature probe
  • Z-Tech sensor
  • 2-inch wastewater drain
  • Modulating damper
  • UL-approved GEO-VARY grease extractor
  • Supply duct collar
  • 120-V LED light fixture
  • Sliding damper

The ZA Pro Series Hood, designed for professional kitchens, integrates seamlessly with Z-Tech demand control systems and features the innovative GEO-VARY modular grease extractor for adjustable airflow, optimizing efficiency and reducing costs in one versatile, easy-to-install solution.

ZA Pro Features

  • Seamless integration with Z-Tech demand control systems. The ZA Pro Series Hood seamlessly integrates with Z-Tech demand control systems, ensuring precise ventilation control.
  • Innovative GEO-VARY modular grease extractor for adjustable airflow. Equipped with the innovative GEO-VARY modular grease extractor, it allows for adjustable airflow to match cooking intensity.
  • Easy installation with versatile configuration options. Its design facilitates easy installation, accommodating various configurations to suit any kitchen layout.
  • Cost-effective operation and reduced capital investment. Offering cost-effective operation, the hood significantly reduces both capital investment and ongoing expenses.
  • Optimal smoke, steam, and grease capture. Engineered for optimal smoke, steam, and grease capture, it maintains a clean and safe kitchen environment.
  • Designed for professional kitchen environments. Specifically designed for professional kitchen environments, it meets the high standards of culinary professionals.
  • Enhances kitchen ventilation efficiency. The hood enhances kitchen ventilation efficiency, ensuring a comfortable working atmosphere.
  • Supports various hood configurations including wall-mounted and island setups. It supports various hood configurations, including wall-mounted and island setups, for flexible kitchen design.
  • Suitable for any Type I hood application. Suitable for any Type I hood application, it provides versatility in meeting specific kitchen ventilation requirements.
  • Promotes substantial savings in operational costs. By promoting substantial savings in operational costs, the ZA Pro Series Hood is an economical choice for modern kitchens.