Product Features

  • A CSA control panel
  • A fire protection damper and a temperature upper limit switch
  • A pre-installed ANSUL R-102 fire suppression system (a certified ANSUL technician must complete on-site start-up of the fire suppression system)
  • A filter supervision control card (CC2O atmospheric pressure control)
  • UL-approved LED lights
  • Modular Geo-Vary grease filters
  • A Cadexair D-Tech variable flow system (optional)
  • A modulating or two-position shutter
  • An advanced eco-friendly filtration system (MERV filters)
  • Plus customized odour treatment solutions (optional)


This all-in-one unit

– Eliminates an expensive remote PCU

– Reduces space

– Saves time and money on installation

– Is easy to service.

– Scrubs the air at the hood prior to duct connections.