Standard Control LCD Screen with Optional Demand Ventilation Upgrade

Features & Benefits

Standard controls with Fan Package on/off constant speed contactors. Controls can be upgraded to Demand Control Ventilation with VFDs.

  • Digital Interface with LCD Screen
  • Customizable Options via Microprocessor Control
  • Plug and Play Wiring between Digital Interface and Equipment
  • Reduces High Voltage Wiring between Devices
  • Alarm notifications displayed in English text to improve installation quality
  • Automatic Fan Operation – meets IMC Code 507.1.1
  • Integrated Reset for Electric Gas Valves
  • Monitoring of Fan Overload Trips

Automatic Fan Activation

How it works:

  • If the exhaust duct sensor detects a temperature rise of a fixed differential over kitchen space temperature, the fans will automatically turn on
  • System can run in the automatic mode to save energy, respond to cooking appliances and meet code
  • Improved response time versus traditional fixed temperature activation set point systems

Plug & Play Switch Wiring

  • Field wired switches are now wired using a single
    CAT-5 cable
  • Low voltage wiring reduces installation cost
  • Reduced high voltage wiring between devices