The Utility Distribution System allows greater flexibility over conventional utility connections and offers a cost-effective way to replace the custom designed wall built by contractors. Additional capacity for new equipment is provided with spare connection points built into the unit. Adding or changing equipment requires minimal effort.

Features & Benefits

  • Electrical Riser: Main power connection is made to the main circuit breaker which has a shunt trip and is mounted in the electrical riser.
  • Wireway systems: Electrical power is fed through a main circuit breaker to a distribution panel which contains individual branch breakers. Each appliance is fed from the individual breakers which are wired to each receptacle located along the raceway.
  • Plumbing Riser: The plumbing riser houses manual (quarter-turn) shut-off valves for each incoming main supply line located in the UDS. The plumbing manifolds are provided with stub-outs along the raceway for the individual plumbing connections. Each stub-out is equipped with a manual (quarter-turn) shut-off valve.