Features & Benefits

Ducted and Receirculating Front and Back. Used Over Residential Ranges in Commercial Spaces where non-profit food is prepared.

Industry’s first fully integrated, mechanically actuated (fail-safe), pre-engineered, fire suppression range hood system specifically engineered for domestic-grade stove-tops in limited commercial settings.

The Z1000 fulfills all of the theory and intent behind a Type I commercial hood with fire suppression in a product designed for use over a residential-grade cooktop. The Z1000 is perfect for any commercial space that uses a residential-grade appliance in a “not for profit” cooking application.

How it works

  • Heat builds and first set point is reached
  • Fan will turn on high to dissipate the heat
  • If the heat continues to build, a second switch is activated
  • The fuel source to the range is shut-off
  • An audible internal alarm sounds
  • If heat continues, the fusible link reaches set point
  • The mechanical (fail-safe) discharge of the suppression system is activated [manual activation also available]
  • Fire is extinguished